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Visual Arts

Image of 2nd grade onomatopeoia

Creativity, academics, and the arts are a natural pairing. The visual arts are an integral part of The Willows educational programming from developmental kindergarten through eighth grade with developmentally appropriate projects and activities integrated into the classroom curriculum and weekly scheduled art periods with our art specialists. Throughout the year, projects connect to the curriculum of each grade level’s unit of study and often connect to our annual school-wide theme.

Image of 2nd grade onomatopeoia

The goal of the art department is to develop student understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of art, craft, and design. Students are taught techniques and develop skills that enable each of them to express themselves visually. Through class discussions and critiques of student and professional work, visual literacy is developed. Being immersed in The Willows creative environment that values student work provides students with daily proof of their ability to impact the world with their own perspective and ideas. 

Creativity, academics, and the arts are a natural pairing

- Lisa Rosenstein, Head of School

Student Work

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Pop Art










3D Models





Picture of origami cranes hanging from the ceiling  at The Willows, a private school in Los Angeles