The Power of STEAM & Maker

At The Willows, we regard STEAM as STEAM2 . The M stands for both Math and Maker. All of these disciplines–science, technology, engineering, art, math–are seamlessly integrated into our curriculum. Our Maker program allows students to fully engage in each discipline. Problem solving, doing, and making all invigorate curriculum and bring learning to life.
The Willows has had a strong Science, Technology, and Mathematics curriculum in place since the founding in 1994. While we have always strived to integrate subjects across the curriculum, the STEAM2 approach (one that is inclusive of the Arts and Maker) truly invites the interdisciplinary bridging of subjects while honoring the skills inherent in each.
We regard STEAM as STEAM2 . The M stands for both Math and Maker.
STEAM2 is a class, a discipline, and a way of teaching and learning. The National Science Foundation about a decade ago coined the term “STEM” with the intent that science, technology, engineering, and math should be taught in and with respect to one another. This type of thinking and hands-on teaching practices, coupled with the necessary tools and technology, lead to innovation, deep thinking, and the realization of dreams.
Great learning is open-ended, dynamic, authentic, and interconnected. With this in mind, we continually enhance our Maker and STEAM programs to challenge our students to DESIGN, MAKE, CREATE, and EXPLORE in very intentional ways. STEAM2 builds our students’ capacity for empathy, physical skill set, and problem solving abilities.
Students use a wide range of materials ranging from high-tech programmable robots and modular electric circuits to low-tech cardboard and duct tape. The curriculum emphasizes creativity, grit, and persistence with structured projects that give students space for ideas but also build a repertoire of skills.
We want all our students to realize their potential and view themselves as makers, designers, and doers, who take action to discover and create. A maker mindset enables students to take ownership of their learning and fully engage with the subject matter.
STEAM2 activates and energizes learning, expands curriculum, and empowers students to take their Maker mindset, design thinking, and skills into all experiences, preparing them for our constantly evolving world. Our students are well equipped and ready for the 21st century global community. They become the designers of their own destinies.
The Toolkit for STEAM2
Equipment coupled with student imagination brings ideas to life:

Hand tools
Laser cutters
LittleBits kits
Robotics equipment
Crafting materials
Sewing machines
3D printers
HD video and green-screen technology
Premiere Pro Video editing software
Lilypad Arduino components
Rigamajig Building Kits
Meccano Meccanoid robots
Vex Robotics
LEGO Robotics
Scratch Programming

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