Each school year since 2000-2001, our faculty and students come together across grade levels to explore a school-wide theme with our extended community. Launched each fall, the annual theme serves as a way to re-imagine and re-interpret longstanding curricular units. The theme is incorporated into curriculum through classroom projects, the arts, and athletics.

This year, in honor of our 25th Anniversary and in honor of our founders, we are bringing back the inaugural 2000-2001 school-wide theme "The Ties that Bind Us" as our 2019-2020 school-wide theme. Since 1994, our ties have been strong, uniting all of us through the years. This year we will celebrate our ties to each other, to our unique educational program, to our traditions, innovations, and our phenomenal progress. Our students will explore their individuality as well as their ties to our comunity, family, city, state, and the world around us. As a school, we will also take a colse look at our cross-disciplinary, integrated learning and the ties that bind all subjects.

The 2018-2019 school-wide theme was "Story." The theme of story was incorporated into curriculum in numerous ways as we investigated how each of us has our own personal narrative, how stories enhance empathy and understanding, and how stories passed down create history.  Story has a natural relationship to language arts, reading, and the library but also to each discipline including word problems in math, the story of a science experiment, an athletic team's story each season, and the story of a work of art or a piece of music.

Our 2017-18 school-wide theme was "REACH." During that year, students explored "reach" as it pertained to their studies, personal lives, and the world around them.  Reach was investigated in relation to our community members reaching beyond themselves and gaining a better understanding of each other and our globally connected world. 

Past themes have included:

2000-2001 The Ties that Bind Us
2001-2002 The Environment
2002-2003 Communication
2003-2004 Time
2004-2005 Celebrations
2005-2006 Teamwork
2006-2007 Perspective
2007-2008 Choices
2008-2009 Possibilities
2009-2010 Balance
2010-2011 Courage
2011-2012 Inspire
2012-2013 Becoming
2013-2014 Bridges
2014-2015 Time
2015-2016 Action
2016-2017 Power
2017-2018 Reach
2018-2019 Story
2019-2020 The Ties That Bind Us

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