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Music Program

At The Willows, each student is a musician! We ask each student to develop the basic skills to make and enjoy music. The music program for Lower School uses the Orff Schulwerk approach and focuses on singing, playing music, creating music, and understanding music. The students build foundational skills and a love of music through activities, games, and movement. We offer a wide range of opportunities for students to explore and share music, from singing and playing to understanding and appreciating. Our choral program includes five choirs that have received numerous first place awards at choral competitions.
In the Middle School, music is a regular part of the program with a variety of extracurricular and electives offered. Students may also select from a wide range of classes that focus on music history and appreciation, theory and composition, and vocal and instrumental performance.
4th graders in musica class
Students composing music in e-music on computers at The Willows, a school in LA


Guitar & Ukulele

Lower School students receive instruction in recorder. In Middle School, we introduce guitar and ukulele to our students to build a repertoire of open chords, power chords, scales, and riffs. Starting in 6th grade, students meet in small groups for regular instruction in acoustic guitar.

An overarching goal is to offer each child the chance to discover the joy of being a musician. As they progress through the grades, their level of sophistication in musical skill and understanding increases.



Rock band performing on stage at Family Arts Night at The Willows, a school in LA



Electronic Music

Our Electronic Music program integrates the arts, technology, and music and offers students an opportunity to develop a basic understanding of music theory and composition in a dynamic way. Starting in third grade through eighth, students visit the Electronic Music Lab once a week to compose and record original music using Garageband. With teacher direction, students put virtual instruments into action and work individually and collaboratively with state-of-the-art equipment.
Teacher and students during ukulele class at The Willows, a private school in LA


Rock Band

Rock Band is an extremely popular musical elective that offers a natural evolution in our students' musical journey. Participants meet weekly to work on songs musical faculty direction. Instruments include drums, bass and electric guitar, keyboards and percussion instruments, as well as vocals. Rock Band offers the opportunity for our students to collaborate and perform on stage at various events throughout the school year.