Middle School

Curriculum Overview

The Willows’ middle school program (grades 6-8) program meets state and national standards. We have designed a thoughtful scope and sequence that takes into account the specific developmental needs of adolescents and that fact that every individual learns at his or her own pace.

Our middle school program is departmentalized, and students rotate to different teachers for their classes throughout the school day. Within every department, teachers emphasize
experiential learning and thematic instruction with a seamless integration of technology and the arts.

Our primary academic goal is to equip students with the foundational skills they need to be active, engaged, and successful learners who can formulate questions, develop strategies to find solutions, listen critically, communicate clearly, organize materials and ideas, work collaboratively, and seek assistance when needed.

The Middle School curriculum is cohesive, carefully sequenced, and structured to prepare students for secondary school and beyond. It includes Core (a course that combines English and history), mathematics, science, Latin, technology, physical education, life skills, and fine and performing arts.

Middle School Curriculum Guide

Meet Our 6th Grade Teachers

Middle School Electives

We connect with our students and
stay connected when they leave
The Willows. We want our students
to be curious people. We want them
to be responsible people, and we want them to have a sense of purpose.
Lisa Rosenstein, Head of School

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The Willows School is a DK-8 independent school serving greater Los Angeles.

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