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THE WILLOWS MIDDLE SCHOOL students grow through the years on a single DK-8 campus in a balanced yet academically challenging, creative environment. We believe, and research supports, that both academic achievement (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) are essential to a student’s education. So, each year of our integrated program is designed to promote both the academic and social-emotional growth of our students.

Our Middle School students are diligent, empathetic, and confident. They become leaders and role models. Our DK-8 setting is a distinct advantage that allows our older students to shine, spread their wings, take risks, and thrive in a safe, nurturing atmosphere.

Philosophy & Goals

Middle school is an exciting time, marked by profound cognitive, social-emotional, and physical growth. Adolescents face new challenges and opportunities both academically and socially as they become increasingly independent and able to reflect on their goals and values. Parents, too, face new challenges, finding ways to provide structure and support as a child negotiates for greater privileges.

The goals of the Willows’ Middle School program are:
• to foster cognition through an academic program that is both intellectually challenging and relevant to teenagers
• to nurture the sense of self and develop personal responsibility, empathy, and respect
• to strengthen organizational skills that will enable students to approach academic tasks with independence and success

We strongly believe that communication between parents and faculty helps to foster children’s growth. We keep parents aware of Middle School events through newsletters, evaluations, phone calls, emails, and updates on our website. Our hope is that parents feel well-informed about their child’s school experience and increasingly comfortable in their evolving relationship with their child. We appreciate the support of our parents and look forward to developing strong relationships with them.

Highlights of The Willows’ Middle School program include:

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  • One-to-One Laptop Program

    The Willows has implemented a 1-1 laptop program in the Middle School, and as a result technology is seamlessly integrated with our academics and arts programs. Our technology curriculum is exciting, relevant, student-centered, and infused with the power of multimedia tools. We pride ourselves on the degree to which our teachers and student use technology as a tool for learning rather than as an end in itself.
  • Single-Sex Classes for Math and Physical Education

    In the Middle School, boys and girls attend separate classes for math and P.E. Research and our own experience have shown that adolescent boys and girls benefit socially and academically from single-gender math learning environments, and we have also found that this structure for P.E. successfully creates a safe space for boys and girls to take challenges and stretch themselves.
  • Intersession

    A highlight of the middle school year is Intersession, which occurs over a three-week period between Thanksgiving and winter break. During this time, students pause their regular studies and meet in multi-age groups to focus on a single theme. Past themes have included The Renaissance, Power, Politics, and The Future. During Intersession, teachers and specialists across disciplines plan and teach together. Reading and writing assignments, hands-on science experiments and various art projects are designed to focus on the common theme.
  • A Focus On Creative Expression

    The culture of The Willows is devoted to tapping into our students’ imaginations and helping each student discover his or her unique talents. We foster creativity in every discipline and believe that an integrated approach to learning helps children make connections and gain a deeper understanding of course materials.

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The Willows School is a DK-8 independent school serving greater Los Angeles.

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