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Middle School (6-8)

8th grade boys posing for a picture at The Willows, a private school in LA

The Willows Middle School One Common Bond

Laughter, high energy, and inclusivity ring through the vibrant Middle School hallways! Celebrated as individuals, role models, and leaders, our 6th through 8th grade students participate in an adventure of learning. They gain independence as they think deeply, excel academically, and grow emotionally as adolescents. Our dynamic teachers encourage, nurture, and challenge our students to challenge themselves and discover and develop their passions. Prepared to lead and make a difference in the world around them, they build lifelong connections in a safe community.
THE WILLOWS MIDDLE SCHOOL students grow through the years on a single DK-8 campus in a balanced yet academically challenging, creative environment. We believe, and research supports, that both academic achievement and social emotional intelligence are essential components of a student’s education. So, our integrated program is designed to promote both the academic, creative, and social-emotional growth of our students.

Our Middle School students are diligent, empathetic, and confident. They are leaders, role models, and upstanders. Our DK-8 setting is a distinct advantage that allows our older students to shine, spread their wings, take risks, and thrive in a safe, nurturing atmosphere.

Philosophy and Goals

Middle School is an exciting time, marked by profound cognitive, social-emotional, and physical growth. Adolescents face new challenges and opportunities both academically and socially as they become increasingly independent and able to reflect on their goals and values.

The goals of the Willows’ Middle School program are:

  • to foster cognition through an intellectually challenging, relevant academic program.
  • to nurture students to develop personal responsibility, empathy, and respect.
  • to strengthen organizational and study skills that enable students to approach academic tasks with independence and success.
  • to equip students with the foundational skills needed to formulate questions, develop strategies, find solutions, listen critically, communicate clearly, work collaboratively

Parents, too, face new challenges, finding ways to provide structure and support as a child negotiates for greater privileges. We partner with parents so they are well-informed about their child’s school experience and increasingly comfortable in their evolving relationship with their child. 

Highlights of The Willows' Middle School Program



Students working together on a math problem at The Willows, a school in LA
Students in a mock trial during crime unit at The Willows, a school in Los Angeles
15 Facts about middle school at The Willows, a private school in Culver City
15 facts about the middle school at The Willows, a private school in Los Angeles