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THE WILLOWS LOWER SCHOOL students grow and learn through the years on a single DK-8 campus in a balanced yet academically challenging, creative environment. We believe, and research supports, that both academic achievement (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) are essential to a student’s education. So, each year of our integrated program is designed to promote both the academic and social-emotional growth of our students.

Our DK-2 students are creative, caring, and curious about the world and their place within it. They become empowered as learners and thinkers in these formative years. Our DK-8 setting provides a distinct advantage that allows our youngest students to interact regularly with older role models as they learn to spread their wings, take risks and thrive in a safe, nurturing atmosphere.

Philosophy & Goals

The primary grades are a stimulating and active time, full of thrilling cognitive and social-emotional growth. The years between DK and 2nd grade instill a deep sense of community within our students, as we nurture and support them to explore their innate gifts and share them with others.

Our main academic goal for grades DK-2 is to equip students with the foundational skills they need to be active, engaged, and successful learners who can formulate questions, develop strategies to find solutions, listen critically, communicate clearly, organize materials and ideas, work collaboratively, and seek assistance when needed.

We strongly believe that communication between parents and faculty helps to foster children’s growth. We keep parents aware of Lower School events through newsletters, evaluations, phone calls, emails, and regular updates on our website.

Our hope is that parents feel well-informed about their child’s school experience and increasingly comfortable in their evolving relationship with their child. We appreciate the support of our parents and look forward to developing strong relationships with them.
Our campus is child-centered and devoted to creative and
critical inquiry and growth. Direct hands-on experience cements learning and transforms education into a joyful experience.
Lisa Rosenstein, Head of School

About Us

The Willows School is a DK-8 independent school serving greater Los Angeles.

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