Lower School Philosophy
The Willows Community School recognizes the stages of development and learning styles of all children. We have a rich, supportive environment that allows a child to grow cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically. The teachings of John Dewey have convincingly concluded that children learn best when they are active participants in the learning process. This philosophy is the foundation of our curriculum, which is designed to allow children time to think and discover. Hands-on experiences, engaging discussions, field trips, and collaborative activities are fundamental parts of the coursework.
Our intent is that students acquire the tools to become active lifelong learners.
Assessment and Communication
The stages of childhood development are marked by cognitive, social-emotional and physical growth. We strongly believe that communication between parents and faculty helps to foster a child’s healthy growth. Teachers assess children informally each day, through close observations in the classroom and on the yard, and through formal assessments on a regular basis. There are three parent-teacher conferences during the school year, in the fall, midyear and in the spring. Parents receive written progress reports before the fall and spring conferences. We encourage parents to contact teachers and/or the administration with questions or concerns. Our aim is to ensure that parents are well informed about their child’s school experience.

Highlights of The Willows’ Lower School program include:

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  • Looping

    The Willows’ program actively addresses developmental needs and nurtures relationships. Teachers and students loop together for first and second grades and again for third and fourth grades. We have observed many benefits from looping: teachers and students during the second year jump right into familiar routines and new curriculum, and the teachers are equipped with a thorough understanding of the group’s social dynamics and their students’ learning styles.
  • Interdisciplinary Learning

    Interdisciplinary learning is a key focus at every grade level. In DK through fifth grade, homeroom teachers work across the disciplines to create thematic units that build a range of skills.
  • Technology Integration

    The Willows has implemented a 1-1 laptop program beginning in Developmental Kindergarten and continuing through 8th grade, and as a result, technology is seamlessly integrated with our academics and arts programs. Our technology curriculum is exciting, relevant, student-centered, and infused with the power of multimedia tools. We pride ourselves on the degree to which our teachers and student use technology as a tool for learning rather than as an end in itself.
  • A Focus On Creative Expression

    The culture of The Willows is devoted to tapping into our students’ imaginations and helping each student discover his or her unique talents. We foster creativity in every discipline and believe that an integrated approach to learning helps children make connections and gain a deeper understanding of course materials.
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