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  • Speaker Series: Michael Gurian

    Dr. Michael Gurian, Co-founder of the Gurian Institute and New York Times bestselling author of 28 books including The Wonder of Boys and The Wonder of Girls. Dr. Gurian has pioneered efforts to bring neurobiology and brain research into homes and schools.

    The Minds of Boys and Girls:
    A Brain Based Approach

    Thursday, February 22, 2017
    7:00 pm

    Dr. Gurian has pioneered efforts to bring neurobiology and brain research into homes and schools.  Referred to as “the people’s philosopher” for his ability to bring together scientific principles and people’s every day lives, Dr. Gurian is committed to helping boys and girls reach their full potential.  His talk will explore the differences in the behavior, learning styles, and interests of boys and girls, offering strategies to raise happy, successful, and emotionally fulfilled children.  Dr. Gurian reaches out with connection and encouragement to strengthen parenting teams.

    Dr. Gurian, a marriage and family counselor, is the author of 28 books in 22 languages.  His latest book is Saving Our Sons, A New Path for Raising Healthy and Resilient Boys. The Gurian Institute conducts research internationally, launches pilot programs, and trains professionals. He also works in the corporate world offering gender leadership seminars. His work is research-driven, science-based, and strategy-focused. Michael’s work and the work of the Gurian Institute team have been featured in dozens of professional journals, including Educational Leadership, Psychology Today, and The American School Board Journal, as well as nearly all major media, including the New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Time, Today, Good Morning America, PBS, and NPR.
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