Willows Alum Laura DeNardo designs cover of Neuron Magazine

Laura DeNardo, '99, recently designed the cover of the March, 2012 issue of the neuroscience journal Neuron. Her cover design illustrates the research report entitled FLRT Proteins are Endogenous Latrophilln Ligands and Regulate Excitatory Synapse Development: "Latrophins (LPHNs) are a small family of G protein-couple receptors known to mediate the massive synaptic exocytosis caused by the black widow spider venom α-latrotoxin, but their endogenous ligands and function remain unclear. Mutations in LPHN3 are strongly associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, suggesting a role for latrophilins in human cognitive function." The article can be read in its entirety at Neuron article.
Laura is a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the Anirvan Ghosh neuroscience lab at University of California, San Diego.

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