The DK-8 Advantage

The beauty of our DK-8th grade campus includes the opportunity for our older students to assume leadership roles and mentor our younger students. Our younger students have the advantage of a role model to look up to. Our DK-8 model offers a sense of community but also creates a collaborative environment and fosters strong relationships.

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An NPR article “Sixth Grade is Tough; It Helps To Be ‘Top Dog,’" points out the benefits of a DK-8 campus after researching a large group of 90,000 students in more than 500 schools over a three-year period.

“One-third of sixth-graders in 6-12 schools reported that students threatened or bullied other students ‘most or all the time.’ Only one in four students at K-8 schools said the same thing. And their grades and test scores were better, too."

In The New York Times article entitled "Time to Ban Middle School?," education professor Martin R. West, after a recent study of middle school students and test scores, cites, "“It seems that there are benefits to students in early adolescence of the presence of much younger students,” he explained. “Perhaps that provides opportunities to be a leader, to be involved in mentoring relationships that are beneficial to students as they make the transition into adolescence.”

The article also states that the findings of the study have already inspired many schools to switch to K-8.

"Our buddy programs and multi-age pairings help students practice empathy and perspective," states Head of School Lisa Rosenstein. "Our students build compassion, empathy, learn to lead, and draw inspiration from each other. Our DK-8 model keeps middle schoolers grounded and gives our younger students positive role models."

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