Science Experiments at The Willows–Hands-on Learning

Science classes and experiments at The Willows offer deep learning and problem solving opportunities that connect even our youngest students to the world around them. Our young scientists have active imaginations, make careful observations, and actively participate in methodical investigations. Science is an experiential, lab-based experience designed to make concepts engaging and relevant.

This month,

3rd Grade students experimented with Oobleck, a non-Newtonian fluid that has the properties of both liquids and solids. They identified its properties including odor, texture, behavior, color, and shape–and recorded their findings.

2nd Grade explored the scientific concept of density as they observed why certain objects float and others sink. The students followed the scientific method by making predictions, testing hypotheses, and drawing conclusions.

Middle School students became detectives using reasoning and deduction to investigate a crime scene and produce a map of evidence as part of their Forensic Science Unit. They also used the scientific method to hypothesize, collect, and organize data to determine which bubble gum blows the biggest bubbles.

Developmental Kindergarten students used proscopes to explore their fingerprints, learning that no two fingerprints are identical and all are unique!

Oobleck, bubble gum, and more. Science experiments are often messy but always connect our students to the world around them while enlightening and engaging them.


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