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Community to Community

Students on Nicaragua Community Service Learning Trip for The Willows

It is not by accident that the word "community" is included in the name of our school. It is an intentional and integral part of our identity. We are an energetic, committed community of students, faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, alumni, and alumni families. Our community is an inclusive, diverse group from all walks of life united by our love for our children and our school. Our commitment to tuition assistance and providing a Willows' education to a broad range of qualified students is essential to sustain our socio-economic diversity and preserve The Willows spirit and culture. 

Our community involvement takes many forms. Throughout the school year, we seek out opportunities to reach out to our neighbors in the greater Los Angeles area to “walk the walk” with our students and demonstrate in a meaningful way the importance of getting involved and making a difference in the lives of others. Our annual speaker series, relationships with innovative educators and dynamic thinkers who inspire us, involvement with Culver City and Los Angeles, participation in local, national, and international organizations, and special events opened to our extended community are a few of the ways that we build strong partnerships that strengthen our programs, resources, and activities. The Willows maintains close ties with our neighbors reaching out regularly to support local businesses and organizations. 

As students embrace their individuality and experience themselves as part of both The Willows community and the larger community, they develop mutual respect and value collaboration. At The Willows, individual and community needs are balanced.

Giving Back

creativity at the core
5th Grade Delivers Backpack for Kids at The Willows, a private school in Los Angeles
balanced progressive education
encouragement to explore
Student on Peru CSL trip at The Willows, a private school in Los Angeles
5th graders community service project at The Willows, a private school in Los Angeles

We believe

We believe that as individuals, we thrive; as a community, we soar.

Community Outreach

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Student reading book to underprivileged child at The Willows, a private school in LA

I love The Willows because of the great education the children get, the caring they learn to give and the confidence they all have which will make them become responsible adults.- Willows Grandparent

DK students organizing clothing fundraiser at The Willows, a school in Los Angeles

By definition people in a community support each other in a common goal, whatever that support may entail. The success of a community depends on having a diverse group of people who can bring different points of view to raise the vibration of the whole. It is important now, more than ever, to hold each other up and offer our support through our talents, our love and our giving so that we can keep  that common goal of our community alive.- Ida & Josh Gad, Current Willows Parents