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Wisdom of The Willows Blog

Faculty, administrators & members of our unique community share their knowledge and reflect on topics that inspire and motivate them and influence education and learning in our world. Please explore and join the conversation.

Empowering Students: The Willows Middle School

The transition from lower school to middle school marks a pivotal moment in a student's educational journey. New responsibilities and learning opportunities lead to a significant leap towards autonomy. At The Willows, we embrace this transition as a transformative period for our students, recognizing each child's unique gift—a curious mind, ready to explore and eager to learn. 

All Together Now: Family Ed Night at The Willows

Every year for Family Education Night at The Willows, we invite all students and their families onto our campus to experience firsthand experiential learning through hands-on activity. The theme this year is Mathematics. Throughout all grades, families will be able to go to their child’s classroom and work together on engaging math activities

The Willows 6th Grade Forensics & Civics Unit, private school Los Angeles

At the onset of each new school year, Willows 6th Graders embark on a multi-month unit focused on forensic sciences and their intersection with the U. S. judicial system. Simulations of forensic activities help demonstrate these essential processes. Starting with a mock crime scene in the science lab,

Cultivating School Garden, The Willows Independent School, Los Angeles private school

In a past blog discussing our school-wide theme Strength, we stated that we “encourage our community to resolve to make the difficult decisions when there are quicker and easier alternatives available.” This notion is demonstrated in the collective work done through our composting program, led by Willows Middle School teacher Liz Stocksdale.

First Day of School at The Willows, Independent School in Culver City, CA

When faced with the decision of where to send your child to school, there are a wide variety of factors to consider. Such an important choice deserves careful consideration to ensure that your child receives the best opportunities for success. From optimal teacher-to-student ratios to dedicated and innovative teachers...

First Grade Sign at Private School in Culver City, CA

Welcome Back Willows! We hope that you had an enjoyable summer full of rest and relaxation and are ready for the start of school next week! Before you know it, we’ll be fully immersed in academics, athletics, and the arts, so take a moment now to establish a plan for the upcoming year.

Sunflower in Garden at a private school in Los Angeles

The school-wide theme for the 2023/24 year is Strength. Throughout the school year, we will consider Strength in curriculum and community, investigating how each of us can adopt healthy mental, emotional, and physical ideas of strength.

Lower school teacher doing an art lesson at The Willows, los angeles private school

Few skills, if any, are more fundamental to early childhood education than reading. The American Academy of Pediatrics affirms this sharing that “reading regularly...

End of Year Reflections

As the school year winds down, it’s important we all take time to reflect on the year. So many of us get consumed in the daily grind that we often forget to intentionally...

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