Dear Parents,

The Willows makes every effort to enroll students from diverse economic, ethnic, racial, and social backgrounds. However, we realize that the cost of tuition is beyond the reach of some families. We offer a comprehensive program of financial aid to help mitigate the costs of tuition for deserving families who could not otherwise afford The Willows’ tuition. The following is some basic information about our program:

  • The Willows is a welcoming and inclusive environment for students and families of diverse socio-economic levels. All information regarding who receives aid is strictly confidential.
  • The financial aid program provides for more than tuition. We also cover a portion of other expenses such as trip fees, student fees, and school t-shirts.
  • Financial Aid at The Willows is completely need-based. We do not give merit scholarships to students whose families can afford tuition. Instead, we seek to help families who have demonstrated need.
  • Now is the time to decide whether or not to apply for aid, not after your child is admitted. Please take the time to look at the FAQ section of this web site. There are specific criteria you will need to satisfy if you do not apply for aid at the same time as the original admission application to the school.
Important Note: Because of our program’s scope, it is budgeted on a yearly basis, with careful consideration given each spring to the number of new financial aid students we can afford to accept. Although we do maintain sufficient contingency funds to assist full-pay families who experience significant adverse changes in circumstance once already at The Willows, we rely upon families of new applicants to disclose potential financial need at the time of original application to the school. Families that do not do so will not be eligible for aid consideration later, unless they can demonstrate major, post-admission reversals.

If you have any questions, please call me in the Business Office at (310) 815-0411 or email me at We look forward to working with you in the upcoming year.

Gladys Trejo


For questions or more information regarding financial assistance, please contact:

The Business Office
Gladys Trejo

Business Office Phone:
(310) 815-0411 Ext. 1301

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