The Willows is truly an exciting place. Vibrant student art graces the hallways. A constant hum of activity streams from classrooms and common spaces. The campus is alive with the love of learning and the “can-do” spirit.

The Willows is a family.
The key to our success as a strong community is the focus on building and sustaining meaningful relationships among students, between students and teachers, and between students, faculty, staff, parents and our extended community. Connections are vital.

Intellectually and architecturally open
At The Willows, we have constructed a climate of creativity and accessibility. Our open and spacious campus inspires listening and learning from all sides. This atmosphere nurtures self-expression and intellectual risk taking.

Our Credo
We want our students to live the credo: all things are possible. In order to do this, we strive to create a safe and nurturing atmosphere conducive to taking intellectual risks, independent thinking, experimenting, and dreaming.

What does it feel like to be part of The Willows’ community?
Teachers, administrators, students, and parents are committed to The Willows’ core values, which you can see in action every day:

The Willows fosters character by emphasizing the development of social and emotional skills hand-in-hand with academic skills. From the earliest grades, children participate in class meetings where they practice conflict resolution, learn how to be a good friend, and discover how to make healthy, well-informed choices as young adults.

The Willows values an academically rigorous, innovative, and balanced curriculum that emphasizes experiential and thematic learning. A thought-provoking, annual school-wide theme is integrated into the curriculum as a springboard for collective thought and community spirit. In the Lower School, classes focus in depth on a particular theme, such as the oceans in second grade or Colonial history in fifth grade, which is integrated with the curriculum. In the Middle School, block scheduling provides extended time periods for teachers to “dig deep” with their curriculum and use hands-on projects to build key skills. Technology is integrated with every aspect of learning at The Willows, with a dynamic “one to one” laptop program starting in the third grade.

The Willows inspires engagement and creative inquiry throughout its program. Creativity is not the sole province of the arts but is fostered in each discipline so children may discover their own voice and realize their own potential.

The Willows nurtures community connections with an intimate, DK-8 program that focuses on the developmental needs of students. There is both a feeling of belonging and an individual sense of wellbeing. Teachers build long-term, collaborative partnerships with students and parents. Meaningful connections happen across grade levels, with programs like Book Buddies, which pairs older and younger students in yearlong mentoring relationships, and community service projects where students face the issues and problems in today’s world with an emphasis on designing solutions.

Our Cultural Values

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Citizenship

    To teach understanding, we start in our own backyard. Students are taught to express compassion, understanding, and friendship on a daily basis. Being a contributing part of a community and participating in community service projects does not solve global issues, but it is a starting point on a path of citizenship. 
  • Willows’ Athletics Reflects our Community Spirit

    Our team sports philosophy is simple: Everyone plays. P.E. at The Willows stands for participation and encouragement. Our “no cuts” policy for sports teams ensures that all students may explore and participate in a new sport. Whether an experienced athlete performing at an elite level or a beginner learning a new sport, each student has the opportunity to play, have fun and improve skills. In addition, our flexible athletic department listens to students and lends support if there is an interest in a new sport. Unlike athletics programs that emphasize winning at any cost, The Willows places participation and sportsmanship above competition.
  • Traditions Unite Our Community

    The Willows has an appreciation of tradition.  A few examples uniting our community are:
    • Poetry Night–an annual night of poetry reading, dance, music, and visual arts that is the culmination of 5-weeks work with Deb Studebaker, our Poet-in-Residence, our specialists, and classroom teachers. 
    • Veggie trays placed throughout the buildings, providing healthy snacks for students each day.
    • Step-Up, our end-of-year celebration, recognizing the accomplishments of each class as students move up in the school to the next grade level
  • Four-Year Alumni Reunion

    Each year the Head of School opens her home to The Willows alumni, who are graduating from high school and entering college. This annual event is a time for former students, faculty, and parents to reconnect and reflect on their shared Willows experience.

About Us

The Willows School is a DK-8 independent school serving greater Los Angeles.

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