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Balanced Progressive Approach

The Willows is dynamic and embraces innovation–not change for the sake of something different–but innovation that energizes curriculum, creates a dynamic campus climate, lends a new perspective to learning, and generates an exceptional community of learners.

Joined together, innovation and fundamentals are powerful learning tools that speak to the needs of our students. A structured curriculum, adaptable to change, is vital in our modern, ever-changing world. Learning at The Willows is a constantly evolving dialogue between student and teacher, not a predetermined path. 

Willows students are active, engaged learners who are encouraged to problem solve, think critically, ask questions, and take intellectual and creative risks. By thinking “out of the box” our students see first-hand how the creative process works and how people collaborate to build on an idea. At The Willows, students begin to understand the most important lesson of all: as a learner, anything is possible.

Where can you find innovation and a dynamic approach at work at The Willows?

8th graders with their DK buddies on The Willows, a private school in Los Angeles, field.