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Board of Trustees

Leaders, listeners, stewards, and champions of The Willows, our Board of Trustees are diligent and dedicated as they work to strengthen today, preserve the past, and envision tomorrow. We are grateful that they steadfastly maintain The Willows community spirit and culture and sustain the excellence of our educational program. 

We applaud them for their “sound decision-making skills and an appreciation of each individual’s impact on our community."

- From The Willows Core Values

Picture of Board Members at The Willows, a progressive private school in Los Angeles

2023-2024 Officers

Eric Silverman: Senior Co‐Chair (President)
Zack Faigen: Junior Co‐Chair (Vice President)
Dan Beckerman: Treasurer
Shari Rosenthal: Secretary

2023-2024 Members

Rachel Adler, Allison Agsten, Cooper Ballantine, Lori Christopher, Melissa Corleto, Sharon De Mayo, Bridgette Donald-Blue, Wendy Felson, Denise Gutches, Royce Hall, Igor Kleyman, Alex Kwit, Charity Manley, Serena Minikes, Meighan Offield, Jordan Reisenweber, Lisa Rosenstein (Head of School), Ari Swiller, Gary Yale