In 1994, a small group of determined and visionary parents did the seemingly impossible by turning their dream of founding a new school into a reality in seven short months, exemplifying the “can-do” spirit that defines The Willows.

This “can-do” spirit continues today, as the rich and vibrant life of our school is made possible by the ongoing volunteerism and philanthropy of our community members.

Each year, parents, faculty and staff, grandparents, students and alumni join together to raise the portion of the budget not covered by tuition dollars. We close this gap through Annual Giving, where each member of our community is asked to make a yearly financial gift to The Willows, as well as through the dedicated work and fundraising efforts of our Willows Parent Association.

Additional opportunities to become involved in the life of the school abound, and our campus life and strong sense of community reflect the countless hours of work by dedicated volunteers. Giving to The Willows is more than simply giving to an educational institution, it is supporting the education, growth, and development of your Willows child or grandchild. Above all, the participation and generosity of our community add immeasurably to the life of our school and our students.
Thank you for partnering with us and donating your time, talents, and finances to support a very special place.
The Willows  |  A DK-8 independent school serving greater Los Angeles.
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